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Templates have been developed for TTU System presentations. The template features full-bleed photographs on the title slide and utilizes black as a background color, which is consistent with the more formal presentation of our primary color palette.
Texas Tech University: Mathematics & Statistics -- Thesis
Takoradi Technical University Portal TTU PORTAL. Please ensure that information displayed on the portal reflects your true identity For official transcript contact the Academic Affairs Unit Contact your HOD or call 0246091283 / 0243348522 / 0505284060 for any assistance.
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Our formal presentation template has title slides that accommodate large images for special presentations where size of the digital file is less of an issue. Our basic template utilizes smaller title images to improve file size efficiencies and relies more on our TTU System Red to create impact.
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ttu template
B. J. Owen, "Search templates for gravitational waves from inspiraling binaries: Choice of template spacing," Phys. Rev. D 53, 6749 - 6761 (1996) Texas Tech University, Physics Department, Box 41051, Lubbock, TX 79409-1051
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Texas Tech University; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; Angelo State University; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso; State of Texas; Statewide Search; Online Institutional Resumes; Texas Homeland Security; Texas Veterans Portal; SAO Fraud Reporting; Energy Management; General Policy Information ; Open Records
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Texas Tech University, Austin College Sign Important Agreements The two institutions are partnering to allow Austin College undergraduate students to “fast track” a master’s degree from Texas Tech, as well as Texas Tech agreeing to conduct courses on the Austin College campus.
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to sign in to the system using your eRaider username and password. Cost is 10 cents per minute of cutting time + the cost of material + $2.50 for the X660 laser
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Non TTU-students willl use the account information they have been provided, and use the log in on the right. For questions, please click the "Instructions" link at the left. Distance Learning Program, Texas Tech University