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Otto rahn

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Lucifers Court, by Otto Rahn | Spiral Nature Magazine

Otto Wilhelm Rahn was born in 1904 in Michelstadt in the German state of Hesse, an area brimming with tales of medieval chivalry. Rahns father Karl introduced his son to the legends of Parzival, Lohengrin, and naturally Siegfried and the Nibelungenlied during their walks in the Odenwald forest. Rahn later

Otto Rahn

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Crusade Against the Grail is the daring book that

otto rahn Otto Wilhelm Rahn was a German writer and medievalist who was obsessed with finding the Holy Grail. This was the cup that Jesus supposedly drank out of during the Last Supper and/or was used to collect his blood as he was dying on the cross.

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Otto Rahn , a searching true I would say Otto Rahn was an amaizing person, that only wanted to find his own grail, and had to lie to the society of his time for being allowed to follow his investigations "in peace", he would may be have discovered something that the governement didt wanted to be known and then a mysterius death followed his

The Nazi Grail Hunter - Otto Rahn | Historic Mysteries

Otto Rahn devuelve el misterio al Graal, su insondable y verda-dero significado como leyenda, mito, símbolo y tradición. Leyendas de pueblos paganos que fueron asimiladas por el cristianismo, transformándose luego en lo que sería la tradición del Santo Grial. Rahn concluyó que la herencia del Graal-Grial fue tomada por

Otto Rahn & the Quest for the Holy Grail – New Dawn : The

otto rahn Otto Rahn has become a rallying point with certain occultists, neo-Cathars, and mystics, particularly those who follow the Holy Blood, Holy Grail/Priory of Sion hoax. None of his works have been translated into English, unfortunately, but they did have an influence on …

Alexander Dugin: Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Holy

Otto Rahn (1904-1939) was a Nazi student of folklore and pseudoarchaeologist. His early work involved studies of French sites once inhabited by the heretical Christian sect known as the Cathars, especially the caves and catacombs they used for secrecy.

Otto Rahn, openly gay, secretly anti-Nazi, Joined The SS

For Otto Rahn, Montsegur was the “Lighthouse of Catharism.” Rahn’s Grail Quest. Otto Rahn was born on 18 February, 1904 in Michelstadt in southern Germany. In secondary school he developed a fascination with the history of the medieval Cathars, their faith and revolt against king and pope.